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oh man buns, I love you

Man buns are so so important

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All of the people who are in my life right now are incredibly cool and I’m just really glad to be able to call them my friends.


One thing that I think is crazy is how you become friends with people at certain points in your life. It’s almost like it’s supposed to be that way. I’ve had so many different friends throughout my life and it’s just weird to think that I am apart of so many peoples lives just like they are apart of mine. That I have been someones best friend, someones first kiss, been apart of someones greatest memory. It’s amazing how I’m making history in not only my own life, but in other’s lives as well.

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i swear to god I’m such a low maintenance friend like you could have not spoken to me for months and ill still be like yEAH FRIEND HI 

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My underwear are really cute today in case anyone was wondering

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The older I get, the smaller the world becomes. I feel like everyone I know ends up knowing everybody else I know and it’s the strangest thing.


Note to self: There are so many amazing things about life, stop focusing on all of the things that have gone wrong.

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somebody needs to fucking kiss me

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Inspired by Bastille’s cover of Sweet Nothing

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Of the Night by Bastille

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Serious question: how does one acquire a relationship